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TOPS Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, and Career

The Canadian indie rock band TOPS is comprised of some very remarkable talents from Montreal, Quebec. The Montreal pop band TOPS encases complicated feelings in a silky presentation, using breezy sophisti-pop melodies to gloss over lyrical themes of isolation, aimlessness, complicated relationships, and interpersonal power dynamics. The band matured as musicians over the course of many independently released albums, with 2014’s Picture You Staring earning high marks for its unique combination of unconventional viewpoints and traditional songwriting. Their fourth studio album, 2020’s I Feel Alive, after a string of albums for Arbutus Records, and was instead released on their own Musique TOPS imprint.

TOPS chose to record their third album at a home studio in Glendale, California. As a consequence, Sugar at the Gate, featuring Jackson MacIntosh (Sheer Agony) on bass, was released by Arbutus in 2017. Before heading out on their European tour, the band welcomed Marta Cikojevic to play keyboards as its fifth member. After some time, the band went back into the studio and in 2020 released I Feel Alive. Penny and Carriere produced the album, and Musique TOPS and indie distributor House Arrest distributed it. TOPS band was halfway through their I Feel Alive tour when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, forcing them to cancel the rest of their gigs. When tensions over the public’s health subsided in late 2021, the band resumed their tour schedule, and in May 2022, they released the EP Empty Seats.

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When was it formed?


Where is Tops band from?

Montreal, Quebec, Canada

What Genre is Tops?

Indie rock, Soft rock, Alternative/Indie, Schlager & Volksmusik, Indonesian Rock

which Record label signed Tops?

Arbutus Records

Who are Tops band member?

Jane Penny (vocals, keyboard), David Carriere (guitar), Riley Fleck (drums), Marta Cikojevic (keyboard) .

What is Tops contact?

AMERICAS Christian Bernhardt - EUROPE Steven Thomassen -

What is Tops net worth?

Being Updated

Video credit: TOPS Band

Video credit: TOPS Band

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