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Canadian singer-songwriter Magi Merlin is famous for her singles ‘So Smooth’. She is a 23-year-old from Montreal, QC. At every cadence, we are attracted to and then repelled by the arrangement’s throbbing pace, which she blends gracefully in a neo-soul key. The rhythmic seduction and rejection in the push-and-pull dynamic make our hearts race.

Having played at prestigious Montreal venues like the Corona Virgin Mobile Theater and La Sala Rosa and having been asked to open for Chicago rapper R.A.P. Ferrera, formerly known as Milo, Magi Merlin is already well-known in her city’s renowned and lively DIY music scene, which has produced the likes of Grimes and Arcade Fire.

With her single “So Smooth,” Magi Merlin is one of the most intriguing new discoveries we’ve made in recent times on the R&B market. She is enticing, sensual, and not afraid to voice her opinion. You need to keep her in mind.

Record labels: Bonsound, Magi Merlin
Genre: R&B/Soul
Albums: Gone Girl, On My Way to the Listening Party

Magi Merlin’s Facebook and Instagram.
Magi Merlin’s Website
You can stream Magi Merlin’s songs on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

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