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Scott Hardware Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, and Kids.

Scott Harwood is an experimental songwriter located in Toronto, Canada, who creates wistful, melancholy sounds with foundations in both upbeat dance music and cinematic pop. His albums often reflect his profound cultural fixations; the 1987 film Wings of Desire, directed by Wim Wenders, served as inspiration for 2020’s Engel. His Ballad of a Tryhard CD, released in 2022, marked a radical departure from his previous, more ad hoc approach to songwriting in favor of more completely developed compositions.

Scott Harwood had previously released ambient pop as Ken Park and played in bands like Hooded Fang and Ostrich Tuning before deciding to do it alone with Scott Hardware. Scott Hardware’s first release, Mutate Repeat Infinity, came out in 2016. The album was influenced by his time spent in Berlin when he was exposed to the city’s vibrant techno scene. The album’s lyrics focused on more introspective topics, such as his own experiences with the HIV/AIDS pandemic and those of people he knew who had died from the disease. After completing Engel in 2020, Scott Hardware moved back to Toronto, but he continued to draw inspiration from Berlin. The film Wings of Desire, set in West Berlin before the collapse of the Berlin Wall, provided significant inspiration for the album’s pensive, ethereal sound. The film’s gloomy, romantic vibes were reflected in Engel’s afloat production. The album was released in April 2020 through the Telephone Explosion label in Toronto.

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On 2022’s Ballad of a Tryhard, Scott Hardware moved away from glitchy electronics and toward more fully realized rock and pop sounds, although he still maintained his cinematic flair and enigmatic spirit. Ornate string arrangements and marching rock drumming added solidity to the layered electronics of the album’s tunes. While Scott Hardware was in Spain, he wrote the songs and worked on the production with Prince Nifty, aka Toronto producer Matt Smith, who plays many instruments. As previously mentioned, Ballad of a Tryhard was published in March 2022 with Telephone Explosion.

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What is his birth name?

Scott Harwood

What is his real name?

Scott Harwood

What is his stage name?

Scott Hardware

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When was he born?

Toronto. Canada

what is his profession?

Musical artist

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Being Updated

Who is his girlfriend?

Being Updated

Who is his wife?

Being Updated

What is his net worth?

Being Updated

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