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Picture of The Lazy Eyes with all the members of the band in front of a giant ballon

The Lazy Eyes is its own realm. It’s All Journey and All Destination is an unassuming work of psych-rock that is precious where it matters, a thoroughly contemporary masterpiece. Late in 2015, The Lazy Eyes made the decision to formally organize the band as a unit. This choice perfectly timed with their encounter with Leon Karagic, who gave their ensemble the much-needed bass.

The Lazy Eyes have sold out multiple performances around Australia’s east coast, including their own music festival, Lazyfest, as a result of their first two EPs, which were released in 2020 and 2021.

The Lazy Eyes Songs are available across all platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Band Name

The Lazy Eyes

Band Members

Harvey Karate (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Itar Sasha (vocals, guitar), Leon Karagic (bass), Noah Martin make up the band (drums).

Net Worth

1 - 3 million dollars


Sydney, Australia


BAND Harvey, Itay, Leon and Noah ------ MGMT Travis Banko ----- BOOKINGS AU/NZ - Evan Davis ----- UK/EU/ASIA - Matt Bates ----- US - Ryan Craven ----- PRESS AU - Melody Forghani ----- US - Amanda Perlstein ----- UK - James Parrish


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