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Sarah Shafey, the award-winning Canadian-Egyptian singer-songwriter, producer, and mixing engineer, has released her fourth studio album, Blackbox Universe. This genre-bending compilation earned her a Gold Prize at the LIT Talent Music Awards as well as an award in the Electronic/Dance category at the 2022 Artists Forum Competition. This genre-bending compilation features techno, pop, and rock elements and is her most dramatic album to date. Sarah skillfully combines themes of revealing many parts of ourselves, her Egyptian ancestry, women empowerment, and science fiction, all while enthralling listeners with her smooth voice and great production.

Sarah Shafey has been lauded for her refined sound and well-executed albums over her three discography releases and ten years of performing in the Toronto music scene. Each of her albums has been met with critical acclaim in her own Toronto and on online music sites, and she has been called forceful, influential, and independent. In her studio, Squeaky Clean Records, she has mixed albums by bands from a wide variety of genres. However, her own musical style has evolved over the past decade, beginning with piano folk-pop and progressing through emotive alternative and grungy shoegaze rock to the present day’s pop, electronic, and rock influences heard in her upcoming release. Through the efforts of her formidable crew, Shafey has produced a stunning soundscape in Blackbox Universe, proving her skill is not limited to a single musical style.

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