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London, Ontario, native SBO Swampy is an accomplished Canadian musician. Almost by chance, a classmate with recording software invited him over to try his hand at composing music. Since then, he’s been using the moniker SBO Swampy to create and release music inspired by his life. Swampy was a member of a group called “SBO,” which stood for “Shinobi Black Ops.” When he was younger, he was given the moniker “Swampy,” and for some reason, it stayed.

SBO Swampy has spent the last four years honing his style as a dark, psychedelic trap producer in the London music scene. Each time SBO Swampy enters the recording booth with local engineers, producers, and musicians like SBOSane and 2Times, he challenges himself to improve. His songs and demeanor reflect his dedication to his art and his self-assurance.

Since signing with Morojele Music Group in 2020, SBO Swampy has released three singles: “Autopilot,” “No Friends,” and “Moving Up,” the latter of which features the label’s other artist, Flash Milla. Despite several setbacks, Swampy remains resolute in his pursuit of success as an artist.

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