Sawyer Brown Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums and Wikipedia

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Sawyer Brown Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums and Wikipedia

Sawyer Brown, AKA Savanna, is a country music band from the United States. Mark Miller is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Gregg “Hobie” Hubbard is their keyboardist and vocalist, Bobby Randall is the lead guitarist and vocalist, Joe “Curly” Smyth is the band’s drummer, and Jim Scholten is their bass guitarist formed the band in 1981 in Apopka, Florida.

Sawyer Brown is one of the rare bands that has lasted this long, having performed together for four decades. The five-piece group is still going strong, with shows that always have the tremendous intensity for which it is renowned. Additionally, the band has put out 18 studio albums and over 50 singles, three of which have reached number one since 1981. Even though they haven’t put out any new material in quite some time, their many past successes and dedicated fan base have kept the tour buses rolling.

Sawyer Brown has also had three number-one hits on the Hot Country Songs list, “Thank God for You” in 1993, “Some Girls Do” in 1992, and “Step That Step” in 1985. The band’s style is mostly characterized by country, pop, and rock music elements, and their most successful hits have included covers of songs originally performed by George Jones, Michael Johnson, and Dave Dudley. They have worked with artists including Randy Scruggs, Joe Bonsall, and Mac McAnally.

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Band Name

Sawyer Brown




Apopka, Florida, United States


Country,country pop, and country rock

Record Labels

Capitol,Curb,Lyric Street, and Beach Street

Band Members

Bobby Randall, Duncan Cameron, Jim Scholten



Booking Agency: US and Non-Canadian United Talent Agency (UTA) CURT MOTLEY Email: Tel: (615) 564-2580 Canada Only Action Entertainment Collaborative (AEC) NICK MEINEMA Email: Tel: (615) 720-2554 Sawyer Brown Fan Mail: Sawyer Brown Business Office P.O. Box 680909 Franklin, TN 37068 Management: O-Seven Artist Management P. O. Box 680909 Nashville, TN 37068

Net Worth

10 million dollars

Video credit:  Sawyer Brown

Video credit: Sawyer Brown


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