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Ramo, Ziggy Burrmuruk Fatnowna, better known as Ziggy Ramo, is an Aboriginal Australian singer, songwriter, and ardent activist.

Ramo Burrmuruk Fatnowna came to Perth when he was six years old and started pursuing music in his mid-teens, drawn to the social message of vintage US hip-hop. Following graduation, he enrolled in a Pre-Medicine program, intent to fight for Indigenous health before returning to music, wanting to reflect Indigenous Australian viewpoints through rap.

Ziggy Ramo Burrmuruk Fatnowna was born in Bellingen, New South Wales, to an Aboriginal and Solomon Islander father and a Scottish mother and raised in Arnhem Land and Perth, Western Australia.

Ziggy Ramo’s Songs are available across all platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Birth Name

Ziggy Ramo Burrmuruk Fatnowna

Place of birth

Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia




Hip hop, and Australian hip hop


Singer, songwriter, and activist

Net Worth

1 - 4 Million dollars


Won 2017 West Australian Music Industry Awards, Best Hip Hop Act and Best Indigenous Act


Black Thoughts (EP), Black Thoughts, and Deadly Hearts: Walking Together

Record label

Ramo Records

Contact/Social media handle

Instagram: Facebook: Twitter:

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