WizTheMc Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, and Wikipedia

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WizTheMc Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, Kids, and Wikipedia

The rapper WizTheMc was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Two years later, he relocated to Lüneburg, Germany with his mother and elder brother, where he penned his debut song in December 2014. At the age of 18, WizTheMc emigrated to Canada.

From the time he first began rapping with the NOHOMES, he was a very persistent member of the group and took his lines seriously. A few months after the founding of NOHOMES in the summer of 2015, WizTheMc was locked in his room, creating songs and freestyling, while his pals had returned to their regular routines. Following two years of daily freestyling, he decided to devote his life to music.

Having begun to materialize his vision in early 2016, WizTheMc was ready to share it with the world. However, the concept of a native German rapping in English was novel to German people. The city of Toronto, Canada, was his preferred destination. After living in Toronto for six months and meeting local artists, learning about the culture, and being inspired by the city, he chose to make Toronto his permanent home and is quickly rising to become one of the most varied and intriguing Hip/Hop artists the future generation of rap will witness.

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Since his breakout hit, “For a Minute,” at age 22, racked up over 40 million Spotify listens, he has gone on to produce nothing but gold-certified albums. The pop star’s latest EP, titled “Where Silence Feels Good,” was published earlier this year. It is an honest, emotionally-charged album that reveals the musician’s growth as an artist. The singer may be young, but he has already amassed a wealth of personal experience that allows him to weave complex stories into his songs (as heard on his latest hit, “Break”). The EP exemplifies his willingness to experiment across musical genres, with dark, melancholy undertones that stand in stark contrast to his more upbeat early work.

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What is his Stage name?


What is his Birth name?

Sanele Sydow

When was he born?

Cape Town, South Africa.

What is his birth Place?

Cape Town, South Africa.

Where is he base?


What year was he born?


what is his Profession?

Musical artist

What Genre is WizTheMc?


which Record label signed him?

NHMS Records, UME - Global Clearing House.

What are his Albums?

Where Silence Feels Good, Growing Teeth.

What are his hit songs?

For A Minute in 2021, WhoWho in 2021, All My Friends Are Stoned in 2021, Premature Love in 2022

Who is his girlfriend?

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What is his net worth?

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What is his marital status?

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Video credit: WizTheMc 

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