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The terrible realities of the streets and their effects on communities, which feed a never-ending cycle of suffering and hopelessness, were made clear to TwoTiime, whose true name is Khalid Omar. The recording artist TwoTiime, who is just 20 years old, is breaking down boundaries and reaching new milestones on his most assured route to becoming popular with the general public. He’s best known for his single Hood Cry.

Ritchie Street, a notorious west-side neighborhood in Ottawa, was where TwoTiime grew up until his big break in 2020. One of TwoTiime’s tracks is “Hood Cry,” a memorial to a friend who has passed away. The song and accompanying music video were warmly received by fans all around the globe. The profound loss inspired TwoTiime to reconfirm his choice to pursue music as a vocation and to concentrate his efforts on finding success via a plan guided by experience and a barrage of successful songs. While “Hood Cry” undoubtedly had a significant influence on TwoTiime, “Keep It Real’s” release allowed the company to reach a broader audience as Fortnite fans adopted the song for their highlight reel YouTube videos. The song “Keep It Real” by TwoTiime has received millions of streams across all platforms, just as “Hood Cry” did before it.

based on TwoTiime. “I’m a product of the streets, and I know that millions of other kids have experienced what I have,” she said. I just want to empathize with them and let them know they are not alone by doing so.

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TwoTiime’s numbers have grown at an astonishing pace over the last year, demonstrating that this tactic is as successful as it is sincere.

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