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Sophie Powers, who was born in Toronto in 2004, has never known a time without music. She has been attending the local symphony since she was two years old, and she has spent the last few summers at a music camp in Florida, where she has honed her singing and guitar skills. The little girl’s first musical effort, titled “Love Is in the Air,” was written before she turned ten and was an imaginative attempt to recreate the sentiments of adult passion.

When Sophie Powers was growing up, social media was already an integral part of young adults’ lives, and middle school cliques had the feel of cults. You can’t go wrong with any of these three apps: Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. There’s an inherent expectation with these applications that you’ll put on a show for your friends and strangers, agree to being monitored, and give over control of your identity to the preferences of others. This hyper-modern style of life is baffling and unfamiliar, and there aren’t many celebrities who can relate to it.

How is your girl different from this virtual profile, and who am I? Powers questioned. She discovered the solution in music.

During the quarantine, she was away in Los Angeles with a band of musicians, marking her first experience living independently from her parents. In Toronto, I was subjected to my family’s and friends’ unending stream of opinions and advice. But in Los Angeles, I had time to myself to reflect. “Everything became silent.”

She stood up for herself while recording. She can’t drive, so she has to stroll around LA to get inspiration for her producer. “I’d capture a dog’s barking or a sound from [the video game] Minecraft, and we’d sit next to each other and make the rhythms,” the author explains. Due in large part to this kind of collaboration, her songs sound authentic.

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Sophie Powers represents a new generation’s raw, unedited, and unapologetic voice. Her Net Worth, Songs, Albums

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Video credit: Sophie Powers

Video credit: Sophie Powers

Her Net Worth, Songs, Albums

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