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RealestK is a Canadian singer-songwriter whose parents are Lebanese. They were born and reared in Beirut. His breakthrough song, “WFM,” which peaked at number 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2021, helped him gain popularity. That same year, RealestK released his debut studio album, Dreams 2 Reality. Following this, he earned endorsements from fellow Canadian musicians Nav and Drake, with whom he later worked on the song “Lost Me” off the former’s fourth studio album, Demons Protected by Angels, in late 2022.

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Stage name


Birth name

Rony Kordab

Date of birth

June 5, 2004

Place of birth

Toronto, Canada U.S.


R&B, and Soul


Singer and songwriter

Record Labels

Columbia and D2R


Dreams 2 Reality

Video credit: RealestK 

Video credit: RealestK 


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