Priyanka Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Relationship, Kids, and Wikipedia

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Priyanka Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Relationship, Kids, and Wikipedia

Priyanka is a performer, musician, and content creator with many skills who is taking the world by storm. This star, who is also known as Mark “Suki” Suknanan, has always had a lot of power and charm. Suki was the host of the famous children’s TV show YTV before Priyanka became the first winner of Canada’s Drag Race in 2020. The question isn’t “what’s next,” but “what isn’t?” Her recent debut EP, Taste Test, has been streamed more than 5 million times, and her viral hit single, “Come Through,” is part of a unique music video saga with a different episode each week.

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What is Priyanka contact ?

[email protected] ,

what is Priyanka Nationality?


When is Priyanka Birthday?

May 28, 1991

What is Priyanka birth Place?

Whitby, Ontario, Canada

Priyanka album?

Taste Test

which school did Priyanka attend?

Niagara College

which Record label signed Priyanka ?


What is Priyanka net worth?

check back for update

What is Priyanka birth name?

Mark Suknanan

what is Priyanka Profession?

Television personality, drag queen

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Priyanka Award ?

Won 2022 Canadian Podcasting Awards, Won 2022 UK Music Video Awards

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