Paulina Alexis Net Worth

Paulina Alexis net worth

Paulina Alexis’s Biography

Actress Paulina Alexis is a member of the Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and is from the Stoney tribe. She was born and raised in central Alberta, Canada. She was cast in the role of Willie Jack in the 2021 season of the FX series “Reservation Dogs.”
Alexis, who is the youngest of four children, comes from a long line of cultural singers and artists, hunters, storytellers, filmmakers, and professors. Because of this, it seemed inevitable that she would pursue a career in the arts. Her grandpa, the late Logan Alexis, was a round dance singer and song creator from Treaty Six Territory who was famous across the globe. Today, each of her three brothers works in the film and acting industries.

Paulina Alexis spent a significant portion of her youth helping her siblings make home movies. During this time, she was often cast in their amateur fight films in parts that required her to engage in activities such as climbing power poles, barns, trees, and leaping from roofs. Alexis flourished in high-pressure environments and continues to take pleasure in activities such as ice hockey, baseball, kickboxing, and horseback riding. In addition to that, she is the lead vocalist for the rock band that her family plays in. She has a dream of one day appearing in an action movie as a First Nation or Indigenous woman who has superpowers.

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Paulina Alexis is well-known among her family and friends for possessing a fierce warrior’s spirit while yet maintaining a gentle disposition. She is always eager to confront whatever task the creator puts in front of her with the bravery and love of her people. Her vast family helps to keep her grounded and serves as a constant reminder to always show gratitude to the Creator and to her ancestors for the life they have given her, to always respect mother earth and all life around her, and to always be proud of who she is and her background. Alexis was given the Indian name “Wagiya Cizhan,” which translates to “young female eagle,” and she plans to spend her life learning about the world while being resilient and authentic to who she is.

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Paulina Alexis.

Real Name

Paulina Jewel Alexis

Date of Birth

September 7, 2001

Birth Year


Zodiac Sign


Birth place

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada







Net Worth

$1-2 million USD approx.


High School Graduate

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