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Northlane is a heavy metal band from Australia that got started in Sydney in 2009. The band is made up of Jon Deiley and Josh Smith on guitar, Nic Pettersen on drums, and Marcus Bridge on vocals. Northlane has put out six studio albums: Discoveries 11 -11 -2011, Singularity 03-22-2013, Number 3 on the ARIA Albums Chart, Node 07-24-2015, Number 1 on the ARIA Albums Chart, Mesmer 03-24-2017, Alien 08-2-2019, and Obsidian 11-11-2019.  22-04-2022. At the 2015 ARIA Music Awards, the group’s album Node won the award for Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album. The band won again with Mesmer at the 2017 ARIA Music Awards. The band’s 2019 album, Alien, won the Best Hard Rock or Heavy Metal Album award at the 2019 ARIA Music Awards for the third time.

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia


Metalcore,progressive, metalcore,alternative, and metal


UNFD,Distort,Rise,New Damage,Worldeater, and Believe

Band Members

Jon Deiley, Josh Smith, Nic Pettersen, Marcus Bridge

Net Worth

400,000 - 1 million dollars



BOOKING AUSTRALIA/NZ TOM JOHANNESEN [email protected] ------- EUROPE/UK PAUL RYAN [email protected] ------- NORTH AMERICA/ SOUTH AMERICA/ASIA ERIC POWELL [email protected] MANAGEMENT ENQUIRIES [email protected]

Social media handle

Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Awards and nominations

Won Best Independent Heavy Album or EP in 2015,2017,2019, and 2020 for Alien,Mesmer, and Node

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