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Since the release of his first album, Northwave, in 2018, Mike Shabb has been a force in the industry. Even when VICE dubbed him “the future of Quebec hip-hop” when he was only 19 years old, the rapper, now 22 years old, never stopped pushing himself to improve. Nothing will ever be more important to him than the music and the dedication required to create it.

Despite his youth, Mike Shabb became a dedicated rapper and beatmaker with his Northwave album. Since then, he released his EP Newave in 2018, his album GLOOM in 2019, and his song Big Bag featuring VNCE CARTER, which has over one million plays. Mike Shabb also collaborates with Montreal’s rising talent and develops his own sound and voice.

Mike Shabb is widely recognized as one of the artists of his generation who has the greatest amount of stage energy. In May of 2019, he had the privilege of being the very first artist to ever perform at the hip-hop festival Metro Metro, which drew a thousand people to see him kick off the event in his role as the festival’s opening act. Since 2018, Mike Shabb has played in all of Quebec’s main cities, and he has shared the stage with some of the biggest artists in Canada.

On the mic, Mike Shabb demonstrates his ability by rapping in a variety of flows and singing on each of the songs that make up his album. Mike Shabb demonstrates that skill, ambition, and passion are what make Montreal English hip-hop shine, both within and outside of Quebec. Mike Shabb is, without a doubt, one of the rappers in Montreal who puts in the most effort.

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