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Luc Feit moved to Berlin in 1992 after being born in Luxembourg in 1962. The Luxembourgish film industry counts him as a major player. He also works behind the camera and behind the keyboard. After spending five years in a permanent acting role at the Volksbühne Berlin/Ratten07, the Théâtre de la Colline in Paris, the Théâtre des Capucins in Brussels, the Luxembourg National Theatre, and the Ruhrfestspiele in Recklinghausen, he decided to go freelance. He received his acting training at the “Staatliche Schauspielschule” in Stuttgart. He was in several stage productions, movies, and TV shows.

Place of birth


Date of birth

June 28, 1962


Luxembourgish, Luxembourg


Name not reveal


Not known

Net Worth

1 - 5 Million dollars


De Butteck 2019, The Monuments Men 2014, The Forger as Waiter Albert 2022, All Quiet on the Western Front 2022, Jagdsaison as Ede 2022, Mission Ulja Funk as Pastor Brotz 2021, Marionette as Markus 2020, De Buttek as Luc 2019, Skin Walker as Dr. Mantell 2019, Capitani (12 episodes) as Usch Trierweiler 2019, 8 Days (8 episodes) as Carsten 2019, Superchamp Returns as Inspekter Schrobiltgen 2018, Never Look Away as Hermann Schreiber 2018, Murer: Anatomy of a Trial as Martin Weiss 2018, Dark (1 episode) as Veterinarian Dr. Schaller 2017, Babylon Berlin (13 episodes) as Ullrich 2017, Storm - Letter of Fire as Hermann 2017, Night of a 1000 Hours 2016, Egon Schiele: Death and the Maiden 2016, Goster as Sven Ulker 2016, Shed My Skin as Peter 2016, The Dark Side of the Moon as Wenger 2016, Die Füchsin - Dunkle Fährte as Ingo Bethke 2015, Tomorrow, After the War as Glesener 2015, Meuchelbeck (1 episode) as Pfarrer Seifert 2015, Call Me Helen as Dr.Noak 2015, Bettys Diagnose (1 episode) as Konrad Schönfelde 2015

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