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How to Deal With Long-Distance Relationship

Long distance Relationship

A long distance relationship (LDR) can feel pretty challenging. Even with the abundance of communication apps and social media, being physically distant from your partner can take some getting used to. We’ll explore some tips and tricks on how to deal with a long-distance relationship in this article. A LDR can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be a deal-breaker. Whether you’re leaving for college, moving cities for a new job, or something else is keeping you apart from your partner, there are ways to make things work without sacrificing your sanity. Here are some helpful tips and ideas on how to deal with a long distance relationship so that you both stay happy and sane throughout the duration of your time apart…

Communicate, communicate, communicate

First and foremost, you need to prioritize communication. This doesn’t just mean texting back and forth or using the phone; it means really diving deep into each other’s interests, dreams, fears, and desires. This is how you build trust and intimacy so that you can tackle the challenges of an LDR with a strong foundation of support. This includes being very honest and open about things like your feelings of loneliness, your fears about the future, and any feelings of resentment you may be holding onto. It also means finding creative ways to stay in touch that feel like more than just words on a screen. Maybe you can FaceTime while doing an activity you both enjoy, or you can use an app like Google Hangouts to broadcast yourself while doing something interesting so your partner can actively participate in your life.

Face-time Constantly

Face time is incredibly important in a LDR. If you have the means to do so, consider getting a video call service like Skype or FaceTime so you and your partner can stay as connected as possible. Being able to see each other as you talk can go a long way towards keeping things feeling real and connected. And if your schedules allow, try to schedule weekly or bi-weekly in-person visits. This can be as simple as meeting up at a nearby coffee shop for an hour or carpooling to see each other for a day. You can also try to get creative and find other ways to get together, like meeting up with each other’s friends and family, taking a trip to a nearby tourist destination, or joining a group activity like sports or a club.

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Travel to see each other

If you can swing it financially and logistically, consider planning a trip to visit your partner. This can be a great way to break up the monotony of an LDR while also bringing you two closer together. Plus, you can focus on and build awesome memories to help you deal with the distance when you return home. Doing so can be challenging, but don’t let the distance between you two stop you from making it a reality. If you can save up some money for travel and you have access to a car, you can try to drive to your partner. If you’re planning on flying, try to book non-stop flights so you’re not stuck sitting in an airport for hours on end. Learn How to build strong relationships

Make a game plan

As you get into the nitty-gritty of your LDR, try to make a game plan. Figure out how to keep your relationship healthy and happy despite the distance. Try to find times when you can set aside time to talk on the phone or online. Find ways to interact with each other, even if you can’t see one another. Talk about the future and your hopes and dreams for the relationship. This can help you both stay positive and optimistic about your relationship and the future.

Be Realistic about commitment

Being honest about commitment is important when you’re thinking about a LDR. If you’re in a long-distance relationship and end up getting married, your partner will have to deal with the distance for the rest of their life. Talk to your partner about expectations and see where they stand. See if they have any worries or concerns about the logistics of distance and try to ease their worries. If they seem confident in the relationship and the future, then consider whether you should make a commitment to them. If you do, you need to be prepared to stick by that commitment no matter what comes your way. This includes things like job loss, natural disasters, and other problems that could put distance between you and your partner. See best Ways to Express Gratitude and Admiration in a Relationship

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Establish boundaries and rules

Another important step in making your LDR as healthy and positive as possible is to establish boundaries and rules. This can include setting up rules around communication. Maybe you only get in touch with each other on weekends or only talk on the phone for a certain amount of time. It can also include setting up rules about how you’re going to spend your time while you’re away from each other. Figure out how you’re going to avoid getting too lonely and how you’re going to avoid spending too much time with people who don’t support your relationship.

Stay independent

Even though you’re in a long distance relationship, you should still try to remain independent. This means you still should be going out with your friends, you should still be trying new activities, and you should still be trying new things. If you go into your LDR as a couple, expecting to do everything together, you can make each other feel suffocated, lonely, and resentful. Instead, try to keep each other as independent as possible while still maintaining a strong connection. This will keep you both feeling confident and happy while also getting you through your LDR with flying colors.

Set up remote ways to feel connected

As you get more and more used to being physically distant from each other, you may start to feel less and less connected to your partner. This can be a natural side effect of being in an LDR, but you can try to combat it by setting up remote ways to feel connected. This can include doing daily check-ins, setting up a shared diary, or reading each other’s poetry or journaling. Try to find creative, fun ways to stay in touch and reinforce your connection with each other, even if you can’t see each other in person. These may sound silly, but distance can affect your ability to feel your partner’s emotions and thoughts, so try to stay creative and find new ways to stay in touch with each other.

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Take care of yourself physically and mentally.

Long distance relationship are challenging and can be a lot of work. You may find yourself feeling stressed out, anxious, and overwhelmed at times. As you work on your LDR, try to take good care of yourself physically and mentally. Try to stay healthy and active, and find ways to de-stress when you need to. Be sure to take time for yourself — whether that means exploring your city, meditating, or doing something that makes you happy and relaxed. And most importantly, remember that you are not alone and that there are plenty of resources out there if you need them. No matter how things go with your LDR, you’re sure to learn a lot about yourself, your partner, and the state of your relationship. You’ll grow, and you’ll get better at tackling challenges, so don’t be too hard on yourself if you and your partner struggle a bit with the distance.

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Distance Relationship

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