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Australian pop-rock band Lime Cordiale was founded in 2009 and is based in Sydney, New South Wales. In 2017, they released their first studio album, titled Permanent Vacation. The ensemble has played at South by Southwest and Groovin’ the Moo (SXSW). They were nominated in eight categories for the 2020 ARIA Music Awards, where they won Breakthrough Artist, and they also released their second album in July 2020 titled 14 Steps to a better you.

They officially released a mini album and visuals titled Cordi Elba featuring Idris Elba. the video has been streamed by millions of fans around the world across all platforms like youtube and more. the official video for the song is titled Cordi Elba – What’s Not To Like (Official Music Video). watch below.




Pop rock,surf rock, and alternative pop

Band Members

Oli Leimbach – guitar, clarinet, vocals, Louis Leimbach – bass guitar, trumpet, vocals, James Jennings – drums, Felix Bornholdt – keyboards, Nick Polovineo – trombone, guitar.

How members formed Lime Cordiale



Chugg Entertainment

Net Worth

approximately 1 - 4 million dollars


Social media handle

Twitter: @limecordiale Instagram: @limecordiale

Awards and Nominations

They received multiple nominations before winning Breakthrough Artist in 2020 for 14 Steps to a Better You. They also won Best Australian Live Act in 2021 for Lime Cordiale's Relapse Tour.


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