Lido Pimienta Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Husband, Boyfriend, and Kids.

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Lido Pimienta Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Husband, Boyfriend, and Kids.

Colombian-born Canadian singer, multidisciplinary artist, and curator Lido Pimienta. It’s worth noting that Lido Pimienta is also a transgressive diva, a traditionalist, a punk, a folklorist, a traditionalist, a punk, and an Afro-Indigenous Canadian. Lido Pimienta, a Canadian-Colombian singer, has so many facets to his persona that it’s easy to become confused. But then you wouldn’t be getting the point.

Since 2002, she has performed and shown her artwork all over the globe, focusing on the politics of gender, race, motherhood, identity, and the creation of a Canadian landscape within the Latin American diaspora and vernacular. Taking the “nu” junction of electronica and cumbia she pioneered on her previous two albums (2010’s Color and 2017’s La Papessa, winner of Canada’s prestigious Polaris Prize for album of the year), Miss Colombia is an exuberant hybrid that pushes her sound to new heights. Pimienta has been recognized with many award nominations. The album was up for Best Alternative Music Album at the Latin Grammys in 2020 and Best Latin Rock, Urban, or Alternative Album at the 2021 Grammys.

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What is her birth name?

Lido Maria Pimienta Paz

What is her stage name?

Lido Pimienta

What is her birth place?

Barranquilla, Colombia

What is her birth year?


Where is she from?

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What Genre is Lido Pimienta?

Synthpop, Latin-American music, Art pop, Cumbia, Bullerengue

what is her Profession?

Musician, singer, songwriter

Lido Pimienta award?

2017 Polaris Music Prize

what is her Nationality?

Colombian Canadian

which Record label signed Lido Pimienta?


Who are her parents?

Rosario Paz

What is his marital status?


What is her net worth?

3 - 4 million dollars

Who is her boyfriend?

Being Updated

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