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Le Grand Guignol

The band LE GRAND GUIGNOL founded in 1996 in Luxembourg and plays progressive extreme metal.

This group originally performed under the moniker VINDSVAL, under which they put out their debut demo in 1997. Though signs of progressive and experimental leanings were beginning to appear in their music, at that time they remained focused mostly on extreme/black metal.

LE GRAND GUIGNOL says that the band “quickly found their enthusiasm for outré compositions, keeping the severity of extreme metal while adding wickedly appealing songs, symptomizing in deep-felt emotions and thereby generating dismal atmospheres,” which they call “grotesque metal.”

In 1999 they published their first album using this method. The music industry embraced “Imperium Grotesque” with open arms.

Near the end of 2006, after many years of live performances, personnel changes, and hard studio work, VINDSVAL rebranded themselves as the more musically and lyrically cohesive and theatrical LE GRAND GUIGNOL. Simply translated, “LE GRAND GUIGNOL” means “the enormous buffoon.” The term “The Grand Guignol” is typically used to refer to violent, amoral horror entertainment, although its origins can be traced back to a Parisian theater (Le Theatre du Grand-Guignol) that lasted from 1897 until 1962 and specialized in realistic horror.

The group’s website states that “Alike its namesake, LE GRAND GUIGNOL is prepared to raise the curtain and let the audience experience their captivating stories of insanity. Get ready for a radical departure from the norm as this band breaks away from conventional heavy music in order to fully explore the range of their musical inspirations. Both the eclecticism and the high quality of the music put the listener on a voyage they will never forget.”

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Since rebranding themselves, the band has received nothing but rave reviews for their 2007 album, “The Great Maddening.” The band got its moniker because of the way its theatrical aspects were blended with metal and classical orchestration to create an atmosphere reminiscent of a live performance.

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Net Worth

$500,000 to 3 million dollars

Recent Album

The Great Maddening


The Healing Process, Dimension: Canvas, Madness and Her Thousand Young, Mens Insana In Corpore Insano, Cirqvs L., Finis Coronat Opus, Alsuntia, Degenesis (Amor & Seuche), Cirqvs Lausenheyser, In Beyond or Through, A Black Millennium Awakens, Beholding The Glacial Empire, Le Grand Guignol / Finis Coronat Opus, Dimension: Canvas, I who brought forth myself



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