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Canadian R&B musician Emanuel is Spotify’s first “On the Radar” artist based in Canada in 2020. Famous actor Idris Elba gave his stamp of approval to his first song and music video for “Need You” (April 2020), helping to catapult him to instant fame. The actor heard his song and contacted Emanuel to pitch a music video concept. In the midst of the global epidemic, actor Idris Elba reached out to his Instagram followers by posting a plea for a “pictorial collage of the one thing that people need to get through this time,” and he received positive responses from 20 different nations. Images of nature loved ones and happy times were interspersed throughout the “Need You” music video.

Also, Emanuel is a student and maker of R&B that causes the listener to shiver with passion, ecstasy, or sorrow, sometimes all three, but his primary aim is enabling the listener to feel the same therapeutic transcendence that the music’s production offered to him.

Emanuel’s artistic path is inextricably linked to his background. The main track from Emanuel’s second EP, Session 2: Transformation, Black Woman, is a love letter to the Black ladies in his life and throughout the globe. “I was composing it while singing about my mom,” Emanuel explains, “and it branched off into me thinking about a more cohesive vision of how Black women have shaped history and the communities around me.”

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Universal Music Canada

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Need You

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