Daniel Johns Biography Net Worth and Bio

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Daniel Johns Biography Net Worth and Bio

Johns founded Silverchair in 1992 with Ben Gillies and Chris Joannou. Inspired by Nirvana, the youthful band topped the Australian charts and became a worldwide export with Frogstomp (1995) and Freak Show (1996). (1997). Neon Ballroom changed Silverchair’s sound in 1999 by adding drama and maturity. In 2002, Diorama became the group’s fourth consecutive number one. The album was co-produced by Daniel Johns and included Van Dyke Parks’ arrangements on “Across the Night” and “The Greatest View.” During this time, Johns formed the Dissociatives and Dreams with two Australians.

Daniel Johns is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer, composer, and guitarist. As a teenager, he was the lead singer of the alt-rock/post-grunge band Silverchair, which topped the charts. Later, he released electronic-pop side projects with Dissociatives and Dreams, and he also started an R&B and soul-influenced solo career. Silverchair became one of the best-known bands in the country over the course of 15 years. Before splitting up for good in 2011, they put out five albums that topped the charts in Australia and were certified platinum or more than once. Under Johns’ direction, the group’s sound changed from grunge influenced by Nirvana to orchestral pop/rock influenced by Van Dyke Parks, who worked with the band later on. Johns’s electro-pop side projects, like the Dissociatives, a duo he formed with Paul Mac in the early 2000s, and Dreams, a duo he formed with Luke Steele in the late 2010s, also used sounds that crossed genres. Daniel Johns released his first solo album, Talk, in 2015. His second album, FutureNever, came out early in the next decade and mixed the sounds of his different eras.

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Daniel Johns

Birth Name

Daniel Paul Johns

Date of birth

22 April 1979

Place of birth

Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


Musician,singer and songwriter

Marital Status

daniel-johns wife, her name is Natalie Imbruglia

Married Natalie Imbruglia in 2003 and divorced 2008)


Alternative rock, electronica,art rock, R&B, and grunge


Atlantic, Eleven, and BMG

Awards and Nominations

2002 and 2008 Song of the Year, Most Played Australian Work, and Songwriter of the Year. For: Daniel Johns, Straight Lines, and Silverchair's Diorama.

Net Worth

20 - 24 Million dollars



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