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More than a decade has passed since Daniel Balthasar began penning musical compositions. During this time, he dropped not one but two full-length albums from the studio.

Daniel’s band, which some people refer to as “The Blue Clusters,” performs with him when he acts as a solo artist. But the band or anybody else has never verified this name. Guitarist/vocalist James Gierens, bassist Gilles Loes, drummer Michel Mootz, and drummer Emmanuelle Seiwerath (cello). As a unit, they gave a series of unforgettable performances at venues including Berlin’s Popkomm and France’s Terres-Rouges, where they opened for Razorlight.

Furthermore, in the spring of 2006, Daniel Balthasar and his band earned the distinction of being the first luxembourgian band ever to be invited to the South-by-Southwest Festival in Austin, Texas. Presently, Daniel is hard at work on his third full-length studio album as a solo artist.

Daniel composes pseudo-electronic music as a side project for Véronique Kolber’s video installations and short films. So far, this partnership has produced three videos and three short films.

The alternative band Blue Room features Daniel on guitar. Two of his recordings included Jim Brimeyer, who was the band’s leader. Blue Room consists of Jim Brimeyer (lead vocals and guitar), Daniel Balthasar (guitar), Jean-Claude Birkel (bass), and Michel Mootz (drums) (drums).

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Luxembourgish, Luxembourg

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$200,000 to 1 million dollars


All This Time (feat. Sarah Bettens), Everything Is Temporary, Keep It Steps Hands Over You Before I Sleep Empty Home Away With This World

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