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Filipino-Australian musician Daine makes angsty, bittersweet hyperpop songs that sound like they were influenced by emo, hardcore, and trap. Before she signed with a major label and released songs like “boys want to txt” with Eric Dodoo in 2021, she released songs that she had self-released.

Daine grew up in Melbourne, Australia, where she listened to 5 Seconds of Summer and the 1975 before going to punk and emo shows. She made friends in her city’s hardcore scene, which led her to become a vegan when she was 13. She started making songs that mixed atmospheric guitars, wistful vocals, and trap beats after hearing bands like Tigers Jaw, Joyce Manor, and Code Orange. After putting up a few early demos online, she released several singles in 2020, including “Picking Flowers” and “Ascension” (a remake of the first song she ever wrote). Charli XCX shared a nightcore version of her song “Bloody Knees,” which helped raise her profile. The out-of-the-box pop star also made a cameo on daine’s Halloween online performance. She signed with Warner Music Australia, and in April 2021, she released the single “boys want to txt.” It was produced by 100 gecs’ Dylan Brady and Sydney’s Ryan Jacob, and emo rapper ericdoa did a verse on it.

Daine’s Songs are available across all platforms like YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.




Filipino, Australian

Net Worth

500,000 - 1 million dollars



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