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Coconut brought an amazing tune into their version of soaring indie music. Since initially meeting at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, their partnership has been built on a shared love of their profession, with jam sessions that swiftly transformed into studio time.

Coconut Cream Musical Band is Astari, Oscar, Chad, and Jasmine. The band got signed to Broth Records, a company founded by former Gang of Youths member Joji Malani, in 2021. The group has since released its sophomore EP. They just completed their first East Coast Tour and are thrilled to be a part of this year’s Lost Paradise festival program.

Coconut Cream Musical Band’s lead singles are ‘Your Drug On Computers’ and ‘Safety Net,’ see the official video for Safety Net here


Sydney, Australia

How many members formed Coconut Cream


Name of Coconut Cream band members

Astari Mudana, Jasmine Tan, Chad Kennedy, and Oscar Saran

Net Worth

1 - 4 million dollars


Alternative and Indie


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