Alexia Avina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, and Kids

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Alexia Avina Wiki, Biography, Net Worth, Songs, Albums, Career, Wife, Girlfriend, and Kids

American singer-songwriter and guitarist Alexia Avina was born in Southeast Asia and grew up there. formally based in Montreal, Canada, and now lives in rural Massachusetts, where she continues to create her ethereal music that draws inspiration from ambient, folk, and dreampop. On October 9, 2020, both Topshelf Records in North America and Lost Map Records in the rest of the world will release her new album Unearth on CDR, cassette, and digital formats. It was followed by the song “Fit Into,” which encapsulates many of her distinguishing qualities, including her minimal, arrhythmic, and tempo-based looping, ethereal melodic hooks, beauty, spaciousness, and restraint. ‘Fit Into’ has been endorsed by several publications, including Paste, GoldFlakePaint, and Clash.

Alexia Avina’s first solo album, Betting on an Island, was published on Never Content in February of 2018, and her second album, All That I Can’t See, was released in March of 2019. As a member of the ambient synth duo Best Fern, she also creates music. Alexia became the first North American artist signed to Lost Map Records after she recorded Unearth at Montreal’s Breakglass Studios with a group of friends from the local music scene, including Cedric Noel (bass), Nick Schofield (synth), Evan Tighe (drums, mastering), Justin Wright (cello), and Tim Gowdy (mixing, engineering). A kaleidoscopic swirl of textures and emotions, Unearth is a record to get lost in again and again, inspired by the visceral lyricism of Fiona Apple, the ambient electronica of Ai Aso, Sea Oleena, and Hiroshi Yoshimura, the gauzy alt-folk of Lotte Kestner, and the experimental sound collages of Kria Brekkan.

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Alexia Avina

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Lost Map Records

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Being Updated

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Being Updated

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